Blogs & websites to learn more about SWI

Blogs and Websites worth your time to learn more:


Word Works Literacy Centre  headed by Dr. Pete Bowers; conference host, presenter,extraordinaire

Real Spelling –a massive wealth of resources & Spellinars (classes)

MaryBeth Steven is a SWI Classroom teacher, blogger and has a wonderful Grammar Class

Rebecca Loveless Rebecca Loveless is a SWI Coach and blogger

Learning About Spelling Sue Hegland is a SWI Coach and blogger 

Lyn Anderson: Teacher (SWI) Pre K-1st gr lessons on her blog

Skot Caldwell:  Teacher (SWI) and blogger (he has an archived blog for younger grades)

Ann Whiting: Teacher (SWI) and blogger

Sound Literacy:  iPad App by the same name with letter tiles who blogs about how to use them

Dyslexia Training Institute:  speaks for itself — Author of the book:   Dyslexia Advocate 

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