Thankful for ….SWI, food, family, and much more!

November 23, 2015…..

Me:  “So, what word do you think we should use this week to make word sums with?”

Students:  ” Um….let’s see… about ‘turkey’!  or ‘stuffing’!  Wait, we should probably study ‘Thanksgiving’ since it is happening this week!”

Student 1:  “Or, we should study just ‘thanks‘ because we can make a lot of words with that.”

Student 2:  “We could study ‘giving‘ because we could make ‘give, gives and giving‘ with it.”

Me:  “Great ideas!  Since we can make many word sums with ‘thank‘ , let’s try that one, then we will try to make a matrix!”



  • Beautifully spelled out word sums together,
  • Many “Ah-HA! moments with new learnings (especially when analyzing <giving>)  and
  • Matrix making–planning, organizing & execution!


Heart Group — Grade 2



Group_Heart  Thanks_heart group 2   Thanks_heart group1


Diamond Group — Grade 4


FullSizeRender      FullSizeRender (1)



Star Group — Grade 5


FullSizeRender (2)   IMG_1872



Classroom Board


Thank_tchr         Thank_matrix drawn


Tuesday we will journal about things we are thankful for!  At the top of my list—  finding the SWI Community to learn from!

Happy Holidays All

Mrs. Barnett


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