The Debut of the SWI News!!


They decided that others needed to know about this suffix information,

so they created the SWI News

Please take a few minutes (6 min and 12 seconds to be exact) to watch this informative and entertaining newscast.  The students are hopeful that teachers will show the video to their students and they are eager for their families to watch.  They are excited to pass along this nugget of knowledge to you!  Feel free to post a question or comment as well.


These 5th graders are hoping to make this a monthly Newscast Series to bring you the latest orthographic conventions, evidence and knowledge.  Orthography is spelling and they know that if you can spell a word, you can read a word!!

Today’s segment questions the suffix <-tion> and provides evidence of the real suffix being         <-ion>.

Note: after reviewing their first filmed event, the group would like to add a few notes for clarity.

  • When announcing word sums (base + suffix) they would like to point out that the word ‘equals’ should have been the phrase ‘is rewritten as’.
  • In the next video, they want to be sure to announce the spellings of each word instead of saying the base and spelling the suffix.
  • They would also like to clarify why there may be an ‘e’ crossed off on some of the base words. This is due to a common spelling convention of dropping the final, single, silent e when adding a vowel suffix. They also think this spelling convention might be a good one to make for their next newscast!

Thank you for your understanding of any small faux-pas due to their nerves as they participated in their very first filmed event!  We want to thank you for watching and hope that you learned something new today!


Mrs. Barnett and the Star Group wish to thank our videographer and mentor, Fenton High School Senior, Nick Campbell for his time, videotaping & editing skills and for his advice on Newscasting!!

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12 thoughts on “The Debut of the SWI News!!

  1. Wonderful work! I intend to share this with my students tomorrow! You had convincing evidence, and presented it well. I look forward to your next installment!

    • From our classroom to yours — thank you for making your Game Show video! We watched it when we were just in the brainstorming stage of wanting to make this video. We loved your idea of making visual cards to show the word sums and incorporated that into our video. We hung them on the wall outside our classroom door after the SWI News aired here at school. Lots of people have stopped by to tell us they learned something new and have asked questions about more words with the suffix.

      Even if you didn’t know it at the time, you helped us a lot by allowing others to view your project. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for all the evidence that ‘tion’ cannot be a suffix. Lots of great examples! I am looking forward to the next episode of SWI News!

  3. Wow! I’m impressed with your research and presentation. Keep up the great work. I loved sharing the love of SWI with my students!!

    • Thank you! We are using the evidence we found with these words to apply to other words and noticing how quickly we understand the relationship and meaning with the free base words. We are learning how to dig deeper with the bound base words too.

  4. Loved your video. Your choice of words and your evidence were great, and I loved reading your group’s thoughts on how to improve the next time. That’s the sign of real scholars and thinkers. Nicely done!

  5. Lisa,
    I applaud your students for all their hard work, enthusiasm and knowledge of SWI. Their arguments would stand up in court. You are doing a super fantastic job with that group of students. How proud they must be of their advanced spelling knowledge. I wish I was as fluent as they demonstrated they are. Good work students and teacher, great teamwork!

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