Fun with Fish In A Tree

Quick pics of our fun and festivities as we celebrate the culmination of reading the wonderful novel, Fish In A Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt.

The tables are set, we are ready to dine!

Fish ‘n Chips, ocean blue juice with fish


A personal precept to remind ourselves that we are brave and can handle challenges.

Swim fishy, swim! Creating her very own Fish in a Tree!

What a cake!! Yummy!!


Tell us about your favorite part of the story:

  • “My favorite part was that Ally made new friends.”
  • “When she learned to read!”
  • “My favorite was when her brother got his car and they called it Pickle!”
  • “I like that she realized that she could change her attitude and it changed everything.”
  • “I liked it when she won over the mean kids and got them to like her and leave Shay.”
  • “My favorite was when she got a new teacher, Mr. Daniels.”
  • “I liked when she felt good about herself.”
  • “I liked when she didn’t feel like everything was impossible anymore.”
  • “I liked her Sketchbook of Impossible Things, she draws good!”
  • “My favorite part is when Keisha is always brave.”